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Equipment monitoring & GPS tracking system

Now your equipment can tell you when it needs serviced and show your techs where its located via GPS.

mobi-trax will send you an email and text message when your water level is low. It will also send a link to a GPS map showing the location of your equipment. This allows for directions to be as simple as forwarding an email or text, click on the link and click on the direction icon.

mobi-trax data is sent via satellite so no need to worry about cell service.

mobi-trax also allows you to view the location of your equipment and water level status online anytime.

mobi-trax will save you time and money.

monthly monitoring fee $38

No contracts

mobi-trax will fit any size of tank

mobi-trax is simple to install - takes about 15 mins

If you service your own equipment or just want to know where it is, mobi-trax provides a very simple and inexpensive solution.